Amnesty Information

Irish Draught Studbook inspection amnesty

The Irish Horse Board’s Irish Draught Studbook inspection amnesty permitted animals that met the pedigree requirements for the Irish Draught Studbook, but which had one or more uninspected parents to come forward for inspection between the years 2017-2021. The amnesty is due to end this year (2021).   As a harmonised filial society, we follow the same principles of inspection as Ireland. We therefore implemented this rule

We have recently been informed that the Irish Horse Board plans to review the inspection amnesty rule before the end of February 2022. We also have been informed that the harmonised societies will be consulted as part of the review. Until the review is complete and a decision has been made by the Board, we will not know whether or not animals in Great Britain by, or out of, uninspected parents can come forward for inspection in 2022 and beyond. 

If you wish to have your stallion or mare inspected in 2022 or thereafter, whether you are affected by the amnesty or not, please contact us in good time (before the end of March). We can then inform you directly by email or phone to keep you up to date with developments. It is also important to let us know your views on whether or not the amnesty should continue, so that we can pass these on during the consultation process. 

If you are affected by / wish to comment on the amnesty, please email the Inspections Mailbox at 

If you wish to register an expression of interest please see the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR STALLION & MARE INSPECTIONS form (Horses/Inspections section of the website)