Nominations for the IDHS (GB) Council

The following Members of Council retire in April 2022. If willing, they may stand for re-election without further nomination:-


Please note that after our new Articles were passed by our members on 5 December 2021, there is a modification to our usual procedure for recruitment of trustees.

We currently have 14 trustees. This means that there will be a maximum of four vacancies. In the event of more nominations being received than places available, there will be a postal vote.

If you wish to nominate a member to stand for election to the Council of the IDHS (GB), please complete the nomination form and send it to the Administrator at the address on the form, no later than 12 noon on Monday 31 January 2022.

Link to form:

The person you wish to nominate must also sign the form indicating his or her willingness to stand for election, and complete the questionnaire. 

If you would like to know more about becoming a trustee, please contact a member of the Council (contact details are in our Yearbook and on our web site at

You may also wish to visit the guidance on the Charity Commission’s web site at: