Timing of Stallion Inspections

The IDHS (GB) Stallion Inspections will be held on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 September 2022 at Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell. Application forms, pre-inspection vetting forms and guidance notes are now on our website at (LINK)
Forms will be emailed to all those 15 people who have so far submitted an expression of interest. The closing date for complete applications, with x-rays, health certificates and a one-off genetic test for Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome is 15 June 2022.  While gathering the necessary information for your application, please submit an expression of interest form, or email the mailbox address below with details of your stallion, together with your own contact details. 

Irish Horse Board Inspection Amnesty 2017-2021: Owners of any stallions and colts with one or two uninspected parents can submit an expression of interest form pending the planned review of the Irish Horse Board Inspection Amnesty rules. Once we have your contact details, we can keep you informed about any progress on this review. At present, we do not know whether the Amnesty will be extended or not. We strongly suggest that if you have a colt or stallion affected by this rule, you hold back on having the pre-inspection vetting and x-rays completed until a decision has been made and you know whether or not your horse is eligible to be inspected.      
If you have any queries, please email the Inspection Management Team at and we will respond as soon as possible. Please do not post questions about the inspections on Facebook or Messenger, because we are all volunteers and cannot monitor social media constantly.  

In response to recent questions on Facebook regarding the rationale for moving the inspections to September for at least 2021 and 2022, the Council issued the following statement:   Traditionally, the IDHS (GB) stallion inspections were held during the Easter holidays at Warwickshire College, so the date moved between March and April, depending on when Easter fell. We are confined to holiday times because we do not have access to stabling when the students are in residence. Another factor in the timing is the need to avoid the peak of the breeding season, so the choice is either Easter or early September.  

The timing of inspections has always been a matter for our Society. It is not one of the principles of the Irish Horse Board rules. We confirmed that we are under no obligation to adhere to similar timing as in Ireland, although in practice we have done so every year apart from 2021 and 2022.  

How did we reach the decision to hold the inspections in September?
Although there is a group of people who are in favour of Easter inspections, for perfectly valid reasons, the reality is that there are others with different views. As far as we know, only one person who is saying that they want the inspections to be in September has submitted an expression of interest form to bring a colt forward. If there are any more out there, please do complete the expression of interest form on our website.  
Statistics show that recent inspections held at Easter have not always been particularly well supported by firm applications: 

Easter inspections: 

2017 – 5 applications
2018 – 3 applications

2019 – no applications – cancelled

2020 – cancelled (COVID)
September inspections: 

2021- 14 applications

2022- 15 expressions of interest as of 18 March. 

For many years now, we have had to make spring inspections viable by bringing in mares as well. 
In 2020, the Council decided to carry out a small sample telephone survey of 16 people who all had considerable expertise in owning, producing or presenting stallions at inspection. This never set out to be a scientific poll, nor a poll of all stallion owners, nor all members. At least we tried to seek people’s views, which we had not previously done. 15 out of the 16 people consulted stated, at that time, that they would prefer a September date. 
To change the date for this year, we would have had to make that decision no later than October 2021. The closing date would have been 15 February, which has already passed. Stallion inspections require a huge amount of planning and administration. We cannot change plans a few weeks away from the deadline.  

For this year, we already have 15 expressions of interest and the closing date is still three months away. Not all of these will translate into firm applications, but it is still a very encouraging number. Even though some of these owners would have preferred a spring inspection, others are happy with September. 
If the Irish Inspection Amnesty, which ended in December 2021, is reviewed and extended between now and the closing date in mid-June, we may find that stallions affected by the Amnesty come over from Ireland to be inspected here. These stallion owners will be welcomed. Arguably, that could be an additional benefit to breeders for this particular year.   

The Council is keen to seek members’ views before making a decision about 2023 and beyond. We will want to hold an accurate and representative poll, so although a healthy debate is good, we do not want our members to be influenced by others, or to become weary of the subject and not respond when we contact them. Therefore we would be grateful if everyone could please accept that their views are not the only valid ones, and allow us time to consult people in a fair and transparent manner.   Thank you for your support.  

Inspection management team