IMPORTANT – Passport update

Defra have advised us that they hope to issue new guidance next week on how owners can get their Horse Sport Ireland passports updated when the horse is living in Great Britain.

We received some draft guidance last week, but it needed further adjustment. The delay is regrettable, but it is no one’s fault. It is a consequence of the legislative changes that have arisen as a result of Brexit.

The Minimum Operating Standards were updated last June, but there are some practical issues and the finer details are still being worked out between Defra and DAFM in Ireland. We continue to do our best to keep up with the changes. We are not the only PIO affected.

Please bear in mind that some of the forms on the internet will need to be updated again to reflect the changes, so we may have to remove some of them while we complete this work. We apologise for the uncertainty of the past few weeks, but there are good signs that this will be resolved soon.