Are you missing out ?? 

200 CLUB The 1st Draw Of 2024

The lucky winners of the 1st draw of 2024 for the 200 Club are::

1st Mrs C A Rudd Cheshire £50
2nd Mrs P Symonds Warwickshire £25
3rd Mr P R Turpin Cumbia £10

Helana Davies
IDHS (GB) Treasurer 09Apr24

200+ Club Objectives.
This is a very efficient method of fundraising for the Society.  A modest contribution from each member or friend amounts to a significant amount per month, a proportion of which goes to the Society and the balance is distributed back to the members as cash prizes.

Everyone is eligible to join the 200+ Club. You do NOT need to be a member of the IDHS(GB) – but you will be supporting the future of the Society and of course, stand a chance of winning some lucrative cash prizes!

What does it cost?
You can set up a regular Standing Order for £3 per month giving you 3 chances/draw.
You can pay by Debit Card or Credit Card online
£12 per year (1 chance/draw); £24 per year (2 chances/draw) or £36 per year (3 chances/draw)

What are the prizes?
There will be three cash prizes drawn at three monthly intervals.