Annual inspections are organised for grading eligible stallions and mares. In 2011 the IDHS (GB) harmonised with the parent society and holders of the main studbook of origin, Horse Sport Ireland. Our registration and inspection procedures are in line with and accepted by, HorseSport Ireland and the other harmonised societies abroad.

Inspection Updates 20May22 : Please see Stallion Inspection Update following the Mare information


Provisional mare inspection venues 2022 – We have already received 95 expressions of interest and applications for the mare inspections and 18 expressions of interest for stallions, which is excellent. Thank you to everyone who has already applied. 

The Inspection Management Team took your locations into account when planning the venues. If your mare’s name is not on the list, and you want it to be, there is still time, but please contact us now. Please also contact the team for any inspection-related queries:

Please don’t post messages on Facebook, especially about individual animals or circumstances, because we can’t respond confidentially on social media. There is also a risk we may miss your message, because we don’t have time to monitor lots of different social media platforms. The Facebook team always alerts us if they spot a message, but it would be a lot easier if communications came direct to us via email, please. 

You can download your Mare Inspection Application 2022 form from the FORMS section on the right of this page. Also in the DOWNLOADS section are the Conditions of Inspection (Mares) May 2022 (essential bedtime reading because you have to sign to say you have read it)

Please would everyone who has not yet posted their application form do so as soon as they can, to spread the very considerable workload as much as possible. Inspection fees can be paid on our website at It helps if you can pay online, because in-person banking is an issue for me. 

Please bear in mind that this list may still change slightly, because we have not yet reached the closing dates. I have now requested inspectors from Horse Sport Ireland, so once they have been nominated and we have started to agree flight times, the venue list is unlikely to change. 

Key changes since the last update:

  • We have extended the closing date for the earlier (June and July) inspections to 31 May, to allow a little more time to apply.
  • The closing date for the stallion inspections (to be held on 1 & 2 September) is 15 June. There is a separate update for the stallion inspections. This closing date also applies to any applications for mares for athleticism assessment at the stallion inspections, for timetabling and stable accommodation reasons.
  • Later summer mare inspections to be held from 10 August onwards, and all September dates (apart from the stallion inspections, please see above): the closing date is 15 July 2022.
  • Please do not send in your application after these dates, as there is no guarantee that we can accept your mare (we may do, if it helps to make that venue viable, but only if there is time to carry out the necessary checks and if there is space at the venue you are requesting).   
  • We have lost Worsley as a venue, because the June timing was not good for the mare owners concerned. However, we have added a later venue at Bowland Stud (September 12) to cater for mare owners in Lancashire and there is already significant interest.
  • I have visited the Truesdale Equestrian Centre in South Lincolnshire and Comeytrowe Equestrian Centre in Somerset. Sue and Carol have visited the site at Onley, where the Annual Breed Show will be held, with inspections the previous day.  All three are suitable venues.
  • A couple of the tentative venues from the last posting have now been confirmed, and the mini-tour in South West Wales in early September is now on a firmer footing.
  • We are still looking for a suitable venue in the South East of England. It must be accessible to a member living in Kent and two members living in Surrey. Please email the inspections team if you can suggest anywhere, and we will contact the venue. We need safe road access, a surfaced arena 40 x 20m or similar for loose assessment, well-fenced or indoors, a level trot-up area, a loo and a stable for the vetting. We will pay for these facilities, but have a limited budget, so very smart/expensive venues are unlikely to be suitable for us. We currently have three or four applicants, so will need it for about 2 – 2 ½ hours.
  • The Scottish venue has now changed to Inchcoonans Equestrian Centre.     
  • We have had to increase what we pay to vets to provide a service to the mare inspections for grading, from £90 to £100 per mare inc. VAT. We are now paying travel on top of this, whereas up till last year, travel was included in the £90. The increase has been prompted by several vets saying that they could no longer work to the existing fee. They all have to face rising costs, especially for fuel. All the vets contacted so far have agreed to the new fee.
  • This increase in our financial liabilities has not been passed on to mare owners this year, because it arose after the fees were publicised. However, we will have to increase some or all of our inspection fees for 2023.  

Hornby Premiums – All the venues listed below, plus all regional shows, can accommodate inspections for Hornby Premiums. To be eligible, mares must meet a number of conditions, as shown on the Hornby Premium Application (see FORMS section). The closing date for Hornby Premium applications is 31 May 2022, which applies even if your foal hasn’t arrived yet. All application forms for grading or Hornby Premiums should be posted to the address on the form by the relevant closing date.

Irish Inspection Amnesty – The Irish Inspection Amnesty ended in December 2021. We have removed the mares affected by the ending of the Amnesty from our list of applicants, but we have a record of these mares and will keep in touch with their owners. We understand from HSI that the Amnesty rule will be reviewed in time for the 2023 inspections.

Provisional list of mare inspection venues and dates: If you have not yet sent your application form and payment please do this as soon as possible

  • 13Jun22 Closing date 31May22 Croft Farm & Livery Yard Pollngton DN14 0DF (9 mares)
  • 14Jun22 Closing date 31May22 Brook House Farm Equestrian Centre, Scamblesby, Louth LN11 9XL (3 mares)
  • 13Jul22 Closing date 31May22 Comeytrowe Equestrian Centre , Taunton Somerset TA4 1EQ (3 mares)
  • 14Jul22 Closing date 31May22 Tall Tress Equestrian Centre Davidstow Cornwall PL32 9XR (6 mares)
  • 10Aug22 ? Closing date 15Jul22 Venue required in the M23/Gatwick area (4 mares)
  • 11Aug22 Closing date 15Jul22 Rossdales Equine Hospital Newmarket CB8 7NN (2 mares)
  • 11Aug22 Closing date 15Jul22 Truesdale Lodge Equestrian Centre Baston Lincs PE6 9NW (6 mares)
  • 11Aug22 Closing date 15Jul22 Marion Newydd Llangeod, Anglesey LL58 8SB (5 mares)
  • 12Aug22 Closing date 15Jul22 Onley Grounds Equestrian Centre Rugby CV23 8AJ (9 mares)
  • 2Sept22 Closing date 15Jun22 Morton Morrell Warwickshire (no mares at present)
  • 7Sept22 Closing date 15Jul22 Lletyoof Llanbydder Carmarthen SA40 9SA (9 mares)
  • 8Sept22 Closing date 15Jul22 Carmarthen SA32 8DB (13 mares) no external mares
  • 12Sept22 Closing date 15Jul22 Bowland Stud Clitheroe (10 mares)
  • 13Sept22 Closing date 15Jul22 Black Dyke Equestrian Centre Carlisle CA6 4EY (8 mares)
  • 14Sept22 Closing date 15Jul22 Inchcoonans Equestrian Centre Perthshire PH2 7RB (8 mares)

Changes to passports – please update them prior to inspection and bring them with you on the day. 

If your mare’s passport is not in the correct ownership, or requires over-stamping, please send it to our passport administrators straight away and do not wait until the inspection closing date. We can’t accept applications if the passport is not accurate.

There is now a combined naming, transfer and over-stamp form available on the PASSPORTS page for you to request changes. You can send HSI passports to our passport administrators for naming, over-stamping and transfers:

IDHS (GB) Passports: Holme House, The Dale, Ainstable, Carlisle CA4 9RH.

Email:         Tel.: 01768 870523 (available 9-00am to 5-00pm Monday – Friday).

The above office is also currently answering the phones and responding to requests for membership. You will also need to be a member of our Society to have your mare inspected, so please do contact them if you wish to join us.

UPDATEStallion inspections 1 & 2 September 2022: Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell

We have already received 18 expressions of interest for the stallion inspections on 1 & 2 September. This is an unprecedented number, but so far very few firm applications have materialised, but we have a month to go before the closing date of 15 June 2022.  

If you wish to bring your stallion forward for inspection, please apply as soon as possible. It is much easier to manage if the applications don’t all arrive at once!

Applications must be complete, i.e. with fees, application form, pre-inspection veterinary report, x-rays and health certificates, plus Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome genetic test results. Some owners using Animal Genetics in Cornwall have had their stallion colour-tested at the same time. This is an interesting and useful exercise, though not compulsory. If you wish to do this, we can record colour on the stallion’s inspection record. 

Please make sure that your vet emails the x-rays, preferably in JPEG format and not zipped, to the inspections mailbox at so that I can forward them to the inspection radiograph panel in good time (as soon as you have paid your fee).  The earlier you do this, the earlier you will know if your stallion has passed his x-rays. Only about 10% have an issue with their x-rays, but you need to know as soon as possible if your stallion is going to be one of the unlucky ones.

Application forms and guidance notes can be located on the right hand side of this web page.

Stallion and mare inspection application forms must be posted to me at my home address, which is on the application forms. Please do not post the application forms to our passport administrators. Please may I specifically request that you don’t send them by Special Delivery because if we are out, it can sometimes delay, rather than hasten, their arrival! 

Stable booking information will be emailed to all our applicants. Please start to think about the approximate time of day you would like your stallion to be inspected. Currently we have four booked in, so there is plenty of flexibility, but this will soon change.   

If you have any questions which are not answered on the guidance notes, please email the Inspection Management Team mailbox on and one of our team (Mary Wilson, Carol Rudd, Sue Benson and me) will be pleased to help you. Please don’t post messages on Facebook, Messenger, etc., especially about individual animals or circumstances, because we can’t respond confidentially on social media.

Irish Inspection Amnesty – Please see Mare information section above

Changes to passports in relation to inspections: Please see Mare information section above as this applies to stallions as well, contact information for the Passports Office is also located there.

Single student accommodation for owners and handlers may potentially be available at the College. Please contact the College reception for information. Unfortunately, the inspection management team cannot become involved in booking accommodation.

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to receiving more applications in due course.

Posted by Heather Chaplin, Inspection Management Team 20 May 2022.