Annual inspections are organised for grading eligible stallions and mares. In 2011 the IDHS (GB) harmonised with the parent society and holders of the main studbook of origin, Horse Sport Ireland. Our registration and inspection procedures are in line with and accepted by, HorseSport Ireland and the other harmonised societies abroad.

Stallion & Mare Inspections in 2022:

STALLIONS: We will be holding our 2022 Stallion inspections for purebred and Irish Draught Sport Horse stallions on 1st September at Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell.

We welcome expressions of interest at an early stage, so that we can keep you informed of developments with regard to Ireland’s inspection amnesty, (see post below) which is due to end this year. This will be reviewed before the end of February. The future of the amnesty does affect some applicants for the stallion inspections. Please complete the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR STALLION & MARE INSPECTIONS Form (see the forms section on the Inspections page) or email

The FINAL closing date for the stallion inspections is 15 June 2022.  We regret that we cannot accept late applications. This means submitting a completed formal (signed) application, and must include:

  • Fees (in full)
  • Radiographs**
  • Pre-inspection vetting reports
  • Health certificates.

**The list of 16 stallion radiographs required by Horse Sport Ireland and the IDHS (GB) will also available from our web site (it is on the pre-inspection veterinary report form) and from the inspection administration team at All x-rays are submitted to our radiograph panel. Please allow plenty of time, in case there is an issue with one or more of the x-ray views.

Please have the radiographs completed between six and three months before the inspection date, e.g. between 1 March 2022 and 1 June 2022 (the closing date is 15 June 2022). This will give you time to ask your vet to repeat any x-rays that are difficult to read.

Owners of colts or stallions with an uninspected parent should wait until the outcome of the amnesty review before spending money on veterinary examinations. Please keep in touch with the inspection team for updates.        

MARES: Inspections will be set up once we have expressions of interest/formal applications submitted and we can assess the requirements regionally.

Spring mare inspections – to be held in April and May: mares aged three years and over – closing date 15 March 2022

Mid-summer mare inspections – to be held in June and July: mares aged three years and over – closing date 15 May 2022

Later summer mare inspections – to be held in August and September:  mares aged two years and over – closing date 15 July 2022.

Please note: mares inspected at Morton Morrell on 2nd September will able to take advantage of the voluntary athleticism assessment for existing or newly-graded Class 1 or RID mares.

We regret that we cannot accept late applications.

IMPORTANT: Irish Draught Studbook inspection amnesty 

The Irish Horse Board’s Irish Draught Studbook inspection amnesty permitted animals that met the pedigree requirements for the Irish Draught Studbook, but which had one or more uninspected parents to come forward for inspection between the years 2017-2021. The amnesty is due to end this year (2021).   As a harmonised filial society, we follow the same principles of inspection as Ireland. We therefore implemented this rule in Great Britain.

We have recently been informed that the Irish Horse Board plans to review the inspection amnesty rule before the end of February 2022. We also have been informed that the harmonised societies will be consulted as part of the review. Until the review is complete and a decision has been made by the Board, we will not know whether or not animals in Great Britain by, or out of, uninspected parents can come forward for inspection in 2022 and beyond. 

If you wish to have your stallion or mare inspected in 2022 or thereafter, whether you are affected by the amnesty or not, please contact us in good time (before the end of March). We can then inform you directly by email or phone to keep you up to date with developments. It is also important to let us know your views on whether or not the amnesty should continue, so that we can pass these on during the consultation process. 

Please email the inspections mailbox at 

Inspection Management Team  8Dec2021