There will be no further Hornby Premium applications for 2021


To qualify for a Hornby Premium inspection, mares must be either:

  • RID, Class 1, Supplementary Grade Up or AID (can be inspected for grading on the same day as a Hornby Premium assessment)
  • OR they may be traditionally-bred half-bred Sport Horse mares (TSR) with fully documented 50% Irish Draught pedigree, 50% Connemara, Thoroughbred or traditionally-bred Irish Sport Horse (i.e. comprising those three breeds only).  
  • All mares must have their own foal at foot by a Class 1 or RID stallion. 
  • Mares must score 125 marks out of a possible 145 marks on a numerical score sheet, based on conformation, type and movement in hand.
  • If you are not sure if your mare is eligible, please contact the inspection management team at

Mares that have been awarded three Hornby Premiums are termed Select mares. They will continue to have their foals registered free of charge and they qualify for a Bronze Merit Award in conformation and movement.

Hornby Premium inspections can take place at any mare inspection venue, the Annual Breed Show at our two regional shows and Wincanton Show.  Mares cannot be visited at home.

You can apply on line or by printing off the application form