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Spring Stallion & Mare Inspections 2023

The closing date for the Spring Stallion Inspections at Warwickshire College is 31 January 2023. We currently have one completed stallion application and payment – thank you to the owner concerned! There are four other potential stallions.

We would like to extend an invitation to mare owners to apply to have their mares inspected at this venue, during the afternoon. This will help to ensure that the inspections are financially viable.
This will be the only spring inspection venue for mares (ideal if you want to go to some early shows);
This is a good opportunity to have your mare assessed for a possible Bronze Merit in Athleticism, as it is the only venue which offers the jumping lane;
This is a discounted mare venue, so you could save £30!
The closing date for mares is 15 February, but it would be great if you could please email us as soon as possible, to let us know that you intend to come. Thank you.

Please email to apply.