Why not have a try at our next competition? You don’t have to be plaited and dressed in competition attire, just be smart so the judge can see you clearly, get your test filmed, submit it and it will be judged by high listed BD judges. BD score sheets will be sent to you electronically.

2021 Christmas Special Virtual Dressage

There will be 4 classes (Intro B (2009); Prelim 13 (2006); Novice 34 (2009) & Elementary 49 (2009) with a £20 first prize in each class.

Closing date for entries will be 18th December 2021

As it is Christmas, for those who are feeling festive, there will also be an additional £20 awarded to the best themed fancy dress but, if you are not yet in the Christmas spirit, the fancy dress is optional.

Full rules and how to enter are on the Dressage Anywhere  website. Below are some Society specific rules which you will also need to be aware of:

  • Open to IDHS(GB) Members and Non-Members,16 years and over
  • For Irish Draughts and Irish Draught Sport Horses that are in the correct ownership and registered or overstamped with the IDHS (GB)
  • Not sure if you are eligible? Please read the information sheet on the IDHS (GB) website:

What your passport should look like

  • Or contact Carol Rudd 07860 102256
  • Horses must be over 4 years old and 153cms and over.
  • Any competing stallions must be the progeny of a Graded Mare and by an RID,  RID (GB), Class 1 or 2 stallion.


  • Riders may not enter a class more than one level below their highest entry in any competition class, regardless of where the competition is held, up to Medium, e.g. a rider competing at Medium level may not enter the Novice classes

Many thanks must go to our kind sponsors – Norma & David Grubb and Michael & Julie Cornthwaite