Reminder – Buyer Beware



It has come to our attention that people are purchasing mares, foals and youngstock and then find they are unable to show them in any breeding classes affiliated to the Irish Draught Society.  This is because either the sire or the dam, or both, have not been inspected or graded.

  ‘Pure Bred’ does NOT mean ‘Inspected’ or ‘Graded’.

Advertisers using the words ‘Pure Bred RID’ for foals and youngstock are incorrect, and possibly misleading. RID was the classification given to inspected and graded stallions and mares between 1979 and 2010. 

 ‘Registered’ does NOT mean ‘Inspected’ or ‘Graded’.

People associate RID as meaning ‘Registered Irish Draught’.  By law, all foals must be ‘Registered’ with the Society in order to get a passport

IDHS (GB) Showing rules state:

All stock shown in the In Hand Breeding classes MUST be the progeny of a Graded Mare ( Class 1, Class 2, RID, AID, or on the Supplementary Grade Up Register) AND by an Irish Draught Class 1, Class 2, RID  and RID(GB) Stallion on the Irish Draught Breed Register.  The same rules apply to competing Irish Draught stallions that must be registered or overstamped by the IDHS (GB). Competing Irish Draught Sport Horse Stallions must be registered with the IDHS (GB).       

Horse Sport Ireland: Irish Draught Inspection Amnesty: ‘For the years 2017 -2021, by means of an amnesty,  stallions and mares that are by a Class 4 (Uninspected) Irish Draught stallion or are out of a Class 4 (Uninspected)  Irish Draught mare, are also deemed eligible to be presented for inspection for Classes 1, 2, and 3 in the Irish Draught Horse Studbook.’

The studbook of origin rule states that mares and stallions must be “eligible to be presented for inspection” therefore the mares and stallions must be of an age for inspection during the period of the current amnesty.

The progeny of either Class 4  (Uninspected) stallions or mares that have not been inspected by the end of 2021 will not be eligible for future inspection under the present ruling.

The IDHS (GB) strongly advocates the use of inspected stallions and mares in order to preserve and protect the breed from hereditary defects.  Please remember Inspected and Graded = Vetted.  All stallions and mares that have been Inspected or Graded and have the following classifications Class 1, Class 2, RID, AID, or are on the Supplementary Grade Up Register have all been vetted and been found free from hereditary defects.

Note: Class 3 is a Veterinary Failure.

Before making a purchase, you are advised to check the horse’s passport which will state which Grade has been given to the sire and dam.

If you have any queries please ring the Administrator: Miss Carol Malin, Tel. 03452 300 399