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2024 Spring Inspections Information

Combined Stallion and Mare Inspections – 10 April 2024 Onley Grounds, Willoughby, Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 8AJ
Closing date: 10 February 2024. No applications can be accepted after this date.

By 10 February, you must submit:
For Irish Draught stallions:
• The pre–inspection veterinary report (including any stallions being re-inspected)
• A full set of x-rays as specified in the pre-inspection veterinary report form, emailed by your vet in JPEG or by online link (stallions which have satisfactory x-rays from a previous inspection are exempt from this requirement)
• A completed and signed application form
• The full Irish Draught stallion inspection fee of £600 inc VAT (£450 for re-inspections).

For Sport Horse stallions:
• A five-stage veterinary report
• A completed Sport Horse stallion application form
• The full Sport Horse inspection fee of £450 inc. VAT.

Stallion health certificates: CEM, EIA, EVA and Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome genetic test results ONLY can be submitted slightly later on 29 February, if you haven’t received them by the closing date. Everything else must be submitted by 10 February, please.

For Irish Draught mares and Sport Horse mares (eligible for Supplementary Grade-Up):
• A completed application form
• The full fee of £240 inc. VAT (or £170 for previously graded Class 1 and RID mares for athleticism assessment only.
• For health and safety reasons, mares with foals at foot are not allowed at this particular inspection centre in April, but they are welcome to attend a mare-only venue later in the year.

In addition:
• ALL owners must be full members of the Society.
• ALL animals must be either registered with the Society or, if imported or registered with another passport-issuing organisation, overstamped by our passport office. Passports MUST be brought to the inspection centre.
• ALL animals must be in the correct ownership on our database.
• ALL animals must three years old and over, and must be named.
• ALL animals must be vaccinated according to current FEI regulations (please see our guidance notes). The vaccinations MUST be recorded in the passport.

No horses will be permitted on site at the inspection centre without a completed vaccination record in the passport.

Please contact inspections@idhsgb.org.uk with any queries – for confidentiality reasons, we do not respond to individual questions on social media. Please do not contact us on Facebook Messenger, as it may be missed.
All application forms and guidance notes, with a full explanation of the inspection process and contact information, are available to download from our website at www.idhsgb.org.uk or from inspections@idhsgb.org.uk
Applicants may pay online for all services described above (membership, inspection, over-stamping, transfer of ownership, naming a previously un-named animal).

Stabling must be booked and paid for direct with Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex.