Announcement from the Inspection Management Team – 5 March 2024

We were informed officially today that Horse Sport Ireland has issued the updated Studbook Rules, including provision for a new Inspection Amnesty. 

HSI’s press release is HERE or you can read the rules on the Irish Draught Studbook web page on their website.

The Amnesty is time limited. Please read HSI’s rules carefully, and if you have any questions, do contact us using the email address below. 

If you have a mare or stallion who is now eligible for inspection, please email with his or her name and your contact details. The closing date for all inspection applications is 15 May 2024. 

All our inspection guidance and forms will need to be updated in light of this information. We had no advance notice of this change, so please be patient for a few days while we do this work. We have received a lot of interest already, and we will respond to your emails and calls as soon as we can. 

Thank you for your understanding.