Transfer Of Ownership



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It is a legal requirement to update the ownership details when purchasing a horse. Please use the forms in the section to complete the transfer of ownership.

TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP – Currently under review Any queries please contact:

IDHS (GB) Passports. Holme House, The Dale, Ainstable, Carlisle CA4 9RH

Contact email:

Telephone: 01768 870523 (available 9-00am to 5-00pm Monday – Friday)

Transfer of ownership must be notified to the ORIGINAL Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) within 30 days of purchase. Failure to do so is an offence.

The IDHS (GB) will only process transfers relating to our own passports. Owners with over-stamped passports originating from other PIOs must return the passport to those PIOs for transfers. This is a precaution against fraudulent transfer.

For IDHS (GB) passports ONLY:
The vendor(s) must sign this form at the time that the horse is sold. It must be given to the new owner, together with the horse’s passport. Passports must never be withheld, for any reason. They must remain with the horse at all times.

The IDHS (GB) will not transfer ownership without signed consent from the vendor(s). If the previous owner is deceased, the new owner should ask the Executor of the Will or the solicitor dealing with the deceased person’s estate to sign.

The new owner should complete the Transfer Of Ownership Form either on a paper form or electronically, the paper form and the passport, a cheque to our Passport Administrator. You can also pay on line by Debit/Credit card